The Top Tourist Destination Cities in the UK

  1. London
    Casually strolling in at number #1 most visited city in the UK is our beautiful capital. Eclectic, dynamic and full of culture and history, London needs no introduction. As Samuel Johnson famously quoted, “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life”. There is something here to suit every taste, from organic and natural to outright weird and wonderful. If you are thinking of visiting, here are some articles you will find interesting:
  2. Edinburgh
    A UNESCO World Heritage Site buzzing with festivals and cultural events, it’s really no wonder the Scottish capital takes the second spot on this list. From exploring the beaches nearby and taking long walks in one of its many parks to attending the city’s endless list of art festivals, there is so much to do in Edinburgh, you will be spoiled for choice. Find more information on visiting this amazing city here:
    Free Things to do in Edinburgh.
  3. Manchester
    While Manchester might be the third most visited city on Visit Britain’s list, it is actually the second most visited city by Citybase guests. Dust off your Sunday best, a trip to Manchester is a classy event! For more ideas of where to go and what to do, have a look here:
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  4. Birmingham
    Despite being the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is a bit of a hidden gem. Most people will think of it as a business destination rather than a touristic one, but trust us when we say it has plenty to offer. Find out more here:
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    Facts about Birmingham that Might Surprise You
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    Fancy a visit? Here is where to stay
  5. Glasgow
    Vibrant, full of history and around the corner from the natural wonder of Loch Lomond, Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city. See just how interesting Glasgow can be here:
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